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PowerNetix offers corporations the latest colocation related services. PowerNetix is the leading Internet Data Centre company providing cutting edge technology to businesses with its profound IDC expertise. PowerNetix is a leader in right-sizing available technologies to meet the current and future business objectives of its clients.

Our Operations Center targets corporations with the most demanding of Internet Infrastructure such as telcos, ISPs, Online Game companies; wanting the fastest regional bandwidth solutions. Our Internet Data Center uses Dual AS architecture, BGP4 and filters in combination with our best route technologies and expertise, ensuring the user experiences of our corporate clients to be the best. Our IX offers the premier solution to congestion on the Internet. The Exchange has one of the best IP backbones in all of Asia with bandwidth management up to Application Layers 7.

To power its network, PowerNetix is partnered and peered with International carriers on backbone Layer 2 and 3 services. Our coverage is on a global basis and we offer SLA and 24 hours technical support through our Gigabit Internet Operations Center.

Moving forward into the future, PowerNetix is becoming a leader in connectivity solutions in Asia. PowerNetix is expanding its global connectivity with better IP transit solutions and bilateral peering with Tier 1 carriers.

Please browse our site for details and if you would like to contact us for more information or details, you may e-mail us at or call us at (852) 2186-7678 .

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